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Former MLBer Gabe Kapler suggests men get some sun on their testicles


There are a plethora of off-kilter health fads that arise from time to time, but a suggestion by former major leaguer Gabe Kapler about how to utilize one’s “boys” to improve one’s overall health is so off-the-wall it can only be referred to as just plain nuts.

Kapler, who now serves as the Director of Player Development for the Los Angeles Dodgers, is a passionate advocate for healthy living who at age 40 remains in incredible shape. He writes frequently on the topic of enjoying a healthy lifestyle on his website,, and in a post fittingly entitled, “Au Naturel,” suggested that some UV rays on a man’s testicles can do wonders.

And the manner in which Kaplan opens the piece certainly demonstrates he had no intention of burying the lede.

“If you want to be your strongest, get some sun on your boys,” he writes. “And by boys, I mean your testicles.”

Fair enough.

While pointing out there is a strong correlation between testosterone production and an ample supply of vitamin D, Kaplan suggests that sunning body parts that normally don’t see the light of day — much less direct sunlight — can have a positive impact on a man’s overall health.

Okay, so we are fairly confident that a deficiency in vitamin D would be (expletive) for athletes aiming to be their strongest. However, we might be able to accelerate or amplify the benefit of sun exposure and ultimately vitamin D. How? Through being in the sun in our most natural form, sans clothing. Revealing your balls to nature will be freeing, and it might just help you be your strongest and fastest.

There you have it, folks. From the mind of an apparent fitness guru, no less. Or would health nut be more apropos?

[H/T Hardball Talk, image via]