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Tim Tebow signing a fan’s Bible? Tim Tebow signing a fan’s Bible (photo)


Professional athletes often are asked to sign bizarre things for their fans, but the fact that a fan — who clearly shares Tim Tebow’s religiosity — asked the quarterback to sign a Bible during an open practice at Philadelphia Eagles training camp at Lincoln Financial Field definitely ranks up there with one of the strangest requests for an item to be autographed.

It leads one to wonder what would be the appropriate book to ask Arian Foster, who is openly atheist, to sign. “The God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins?

With Pope Francis slated to visit Philadelphia in September and the presence of Tebow on the team’s roster (for now), the Eagles arguably are in a good position on the Christianity front. Maybe Eagles fans should petition Tebow to bless Sam Bradford’s knees instead of requesting the Pope to do so. Even though it’s a conflict of interest of sorts, Tebow might do so, if he were so inclined … which he wouldn’t be.

In any event, perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising that some fan wanted Tim Tebow, arguably the most religious player in the NFL — or at least the most vocal about his faith — to sign his Bible. Something about it just seems a tad … strange.