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Saints receiver sorry for signing autographs as Marques Colston


New Orleans Saints wide receiver Brandon Coleman took to social media earlier this week to apologize for dressing up as teammate Marques Colston during training camp and signing autographs for fans.

Coleman, a second-year wideout who signed as a free agent with the Saints in May 2014, donned the helmet and jersey of his veteran teammate and proceeded to fraternize with fans and signing autographs as Colston, something he envisioned would play out like a clever prank. Not so much.

It’s clear that he now regrets his decision, and took to Twitter to apologize.

It probably was an ill-conceived prank, but in the grand scheme of things and given the much more serious shenanigans presently plaguing training camps of other NFL team, Coleman’s hijinks arguably are put their proper perspective.

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