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Fred Jackson on Bills bringing in IK Enemkpali: ‘I frankly don’t care’


Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills sent shock waves throughout the NFL on Wednesday by snapping up IK Enemkpali, the linebacker recently cut by the New York Jets after he broke Geno Smith’s jaw during a locker room altercation. At least one member of the Bills organization couldn’t care less about the developing sideshow: Veteran running back Fred Jackson.

“It’s something that I care nothing about,” Jackson said about the team pluckingĀ Enemkpali off waivers, per ESPN’s Mike Rodak. “When he gets here, it’s not something that I’m gonna ask him about, trying to figure out what happened because I frankly don’t care. He’s a guy that’s coming in here to help us win football games, and that’s what he comes in here and he does, I could care less what he did in New York.”

Jackson added that confrontations such as the one that occurred between Smith and Enemkpali happen all the time. It’s just that incidents like the one that left the Jets appearing to be a total mess generally are kept under wraps.

“I honestly don’t know what happened in the locker room,” he said. “Guys get into altercations all the time, though. It’s not out of the ordinary to hear about two guys getting in physical fights.”

Whatever happened in the Jets locker room, Jackson says, matters little to the Bills and that Enemkpali will be given a “clean slate” with his new team. He did acknowledge, though, that what happened was an “unfortunate situation” due to Smith’s injury.

The running back added that he sees no reason why Ryan needs to explain the move to the team, saying, it’s “not something that we need to address.”

While the fallout of the somewhat shocking roster move remains to be seen — especially given Ryan’s history with the Jets, with gamesmanship perhaps the main motivation behind the coach taking a flier on a perceptively troublesome young player already carrying baggage — it’s abundantly clear Jackson won’t be spending any time pondering the what, where, why and how behind the team’s decision to bring in Enemkpali.

(image via Bleacher Report)