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Rodney Harrison to Dallas Cowboys: ‘Give Ray Rice a try’

Already tasked with the formidable challenge of replacing the departed DeMarco Murray, the Dallas Cowboys have seen their battery of unproven running backs deal with a litany of injuries so far in training camp.

This leaves NFL analyst Rodney Harrison joining the chorus of insiders and experts calling for the Cowboys to make what could be a beneficial move but not one without a great deal of controversy:

Sign Ray Rice.

“Give Ray Rice a try,” Harrison said during a recent broadcast of “Pro Football Talk” on NBCSN, via The Dallas Morning News. “Give him an opportunity.”

Rice of course has been unable of catching on with another NFL team after the Baltimore Ravens released him last season in the wake of the video that surfaced of a physical altercation between the running back and his then-fiancée-now-wife.

Harrison suggests that while the Cowboys may take some heat for signing Rice, who has been cleared to play by the league, it may be worth the risk.

“Outside of the whole PR thing, you give this guy an opportunity he may come in and surprise you,” he said. “You don’t have to pay him a lot of money, you’re not giving him a signing bonus and if he’s terrible, cut him. If he doesn’t look like the old Ray Rice, cut him.”

Harrison also points out that the back “has done everything the commissioner and the NFL has asked him to do” and that “in life, you have to give people second opportunities.”

Joesph Randle joined McFadden and Lance Dunbar as members of the backfield’s walking wounded after going down with what is believed to be an oblique injury. This means the team may have only two healthy running backs (Gus Johnson and Lache Seastrunk) available for Thursday’s game against the San Diego Chargers.

Given that the Cowboys made the controversial decision to bring in Greg Hardy despite his off-the-field issues, it’s reasonable to assume the team might be willing to do the same with Rice. Harrison believes nothing should stop them from doing so at this point.

(image via Los Angeles Times)