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Cubs, White Sox playfully miffed over Derrick Rose rocking Dodgers cap (pics)


In what presumably was (hopefully) done in a completely joking manner, both the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox took to social media to comment upon the fact that Derrick Rose of the hometown Chicago Bulls was spotted wearing a Los Angeles Dodgers cap during an appearance at the West Coast team’s ballpark on Monday.

The Bulls point guard and his son, P.J. paid a visit to Dodger Stadium and a photograph surfaced on Twitter — courtesy of the Dodgers in a somewhat trolling manner, no less — of father and son hanging out in the team’s dugout.

“Nice hat, @drose,” the tweet from the Dodgers read.

The tweet later elicited a response from the North-Siders, who tweeted, “Didn’t you troll us enough this weekend?” in a message directed to the Dodgers’ Twitter account.

One would think the Dodgers would be a friendlier frame of mind as it relates to the Cubs. After all, the Cubs did do the Dodgers a huge solid by going out over the weekend and laying a four-game sweep beatdown on the San Francisco Giants, who are nipping at the Dodgers’ heels in the NL West.

In any event, the White Sox were not going to sit idly by and not get in on the antics. In response to the Cubs’ tweet, the South-Siders called for calm instead of ratcheting up the dialogue.

“Break it up, you two,” the ChiSox tweeted in a message directed to both teams that included a photo of Rose rocking White Sox gear during a visit to U.S. Cellular Field in 2008. “We’re good.”

It was all in good fun, but it warrants mentioning that overly sensitive fans can get unreasonably upset when incidents involving sports allegiances — such as this one — occur.

But Rose needn’t fear. He’s still a beloved icon in Chicago. After all, it was only a few short months ago that Chicago sports fans erected a shrine in his honor.