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Jerry Seinfeld, Yoenis Cespedes continue with witty Twitter banter


Jerry Seinfeld is a longtime and devoted New York Mets fan, so it was no surprise that he greeted the team’s acquisition of Yoenis Cespedes with great joy and anticipation. The comedian and the slugger have since been engaging in an amusing Twitter back and forth, banter that was continued when Cespedes replied to a somewhat offbeat tweet from Seinfeld that included an amusing inquiry.

Seinfeld’s tweet from last week:

To which Cespedes finally got around to responding to on Monday morning.

We all of course eagerly anticipate the new pals’ meet-and-greet over a couple of delicious sandwiches. It probably will be a lot like Seinfeld’s web series, “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee,” but you know, different.

The budding friendship between the comedian and ballplayer kicked off when Seinfeld adapted a brilliant “Seinfeld” reference about Festivus into an observation about the team’s acquisition of Cespedes.

Outside of misspelling Cespedes’ name, it was gold, Jerry, gold!

The slugger responded to this tweet as well.

“A Cespedes for the Rest of Us” craze even spawned a t-shirt, with Seinfeld retweeting a link to where the shirt can be purchased.

It Seinfeld actually does purchase said shirt, let’s hope it doesn’t suffer a similar fate as “Golden Boy.”