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Robert Griffin III says second year in system allowing him to ‘play free’


Robert Griffin III continued his training camp goodwill tour with comments he made on Thursday about how he feels much more comfortable in the offensive system installed by Washington Redskins second-year head coach Jay Gruden and his staff.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday for the first time since camp opened, RG3 insisted a second year in the system has left him feeling much more at ease.

“Second year in it, I feel like you can go out there and you kind of know what to do, and I think that helps.,” he said, via a report from The Washington Post’s Liz Clarke. “You can play free and not be worrying about a thousand different things at one time going on in your head.

“I just feel more comfortable in the office, comfortable with where I’m at and comfortable with the coaches. That’s all you can ask for.”

Griffin, much as he did earlier this week, seemed to be happy to openly defer to the Gruden and his staff, insisting he’s amenable to playing the way they are coaching him up to play.

“Whatever they ask me to do, that’s what I’m trying to do,” he said. “So if they call drop-back plays, I’m a drop-back QB. If they call on-the-move plays, then I’m an on-the-move quarterback. When things break down, I’ll just be myself.

“… I’ve just been focused on fundamentals and being consistent with everything every single day, coming out there trying to make sure that every day is a new day and playing everything honest.”

Griffin appears intent on saying and doing all the things necessary to make it seem like he’s playing the role of good soldier heading into the 2015 NFL season. It’s evident he’s open to changing the way he plays the quarterback position — to a certain degree — and appears willing to continue forging a relationship with Gruden that seemed all but unrepairable at several points last season.

While all this is moot if RG3 struggles on the field, his insistence on ingratiating himself to the Redskins coaching staff, not to mention his teammates, certainly bodes well for now.