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Nick Saban: ‘I’m opposed to an unauthorized biography — for anybody’


Nick Saban not surprisingly railed against the concept of an unauthorized biography, specifically in light of how he has had to defend himself and allegations made in a recent one written about him.

Reportedly unprompted, the Alabama Crimson Tide head football coach spoke extensively on the issue, especially how “some person that you don’t even know trying to profit by your story or someone else’s story.”

“Now I’m going to make a statement about something because I thought surely you would ask,” Saban said during a press conference Thursday, per ESPN’s Alex Scarborough. “So this will be the last time this ever gets talked about. So no one ever needs to ask me because I’m going to tell you to pull it up on your little computer or Facebook or Twitter or whatever you do.

“I just want everybody to know that I’m opposed to an unauthorized biography — for anybody.”

Saban’s is perhaps understandably cranky over the practice of penning unauthorized biographies due to “Saban: The Making of a Coach,” written by Monte Burke.

The book purports to chronicle Saban’s alleged recent interest in the Texas Longhorns head coaching job in 2013. The coach has denied the veracity of the rumors regarding his flirtations with Texas. And he promised that one day, he’ll tell his side of his story.

“One of these days when I’m finished coaching at Alabama, I’ll write an authorized book,” he said. “Because there’s really only one expert on my life, and guess who that is? Me. And there won’t be any misinformation, there won’t be any false statements, there won’t be any hearsay, there won’t be any expert analysis from somebody else. It will be the real deal.”

Saban also promised to not allow the book serve as a distraction and reiterated he will not address the issue again. But he did indicate that he isn’t ready to write his autobiography just yet.

“But since I’m not finished yet at Alabama, we’re not writing any books yet. But when we decide to write an authorized book, it will have the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”