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Michael Bennett fears Seahawks’ megadeals will freeze out ‘middle man’

Michael Bennett

The Seattle Seahawks made headlines by finally signing quarterback Russell Wilson and linebacker Bobby Wagner to pricey contract extensions. Defensive end Michael Bennett recently expressed concern that the team faces tough decisions regarding the future of who he deems as the Seahawks’ middle men.

“They can’t pay everybody, but they do pay people,” Bennett observed, via a Yahoo Sports report. “They pay certain people a lot of money, and other guys feel like they should be paid just as much as those guys because everybody contributes to the Super Bowls and the championships.”

Bennett’s comments not only come in the wake of the deals Wilson (four-year, $87.6 million) and Wagner (four-year, $43 million) signed, but also the continued holdout of safety Cam Chancellor and the defensive standout’s own contract situation.

Bennett considered holding out for more money but decided to show up for training camp anyway.

“Hopefully it’ll get worked out,” Bennett said about his issues with the team.

Citing the Seahawks’ decision to cut defensive tackle Tony McDaniel on Sunday, Bennett observed it’s players like him that likely will be froze out in the end.

“That’s what people don’t understand, people talk about Tony McDaniels like, ‘Oh, he’s just another guy,’ but think about, how does a Bobby Wagner make those tackles? These are the workers,” he said.

“It’s like the clothing line,” Bennett added. “You see the people who own the clothing line, but you don’t see the people who work and make the clothes. The middle man is always needed for success in this league.”

Keeping every player a team wishes they could hold onto is a difficult proposition for any NFL team, especially one with the dynastic pedigree the Seahawks possess. The team obviously has the depth and talent to make a another run at a Super Bowl this season. But sooner or later, the other shoe inevitably will drop, leaving the Seahawks with a litany of tough decisions going forward regarding the future composition of its roster. Odds are Bennett’s middle men will feel the brunt of the aftermath.