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Jay Cutler doesn’t get these darn kids with their highfalutin phones


Jay Cutler, now 32 years old and considered a grizzled veteran in the NFL, showed his advancing age by going off on a tangent about how he has difficulty relating to the younger players on the Chicago Bears, in particular their over-reliance and near-addiction to their phones, social media and all that assorted nonsense.

“It’s tough. It is tough,” Cutler said while smiling, according to ESPN’s Jeff Dickerson. “I think kids have changed a lot since whenever I came in in 2006. It’s a different animal. These kids with their phones. All the social media, everything they do. They were telling me that they play video games now and they have another screen where people watch them play video games. It’s like, I don’t understand that. They just watch you play the video game. They’re like, ‘Yeah, it’s awesome.’ I don’t know anything about this.”

The only thing that would have made Cutler’s comments more amusing is if he would have summed it up with a “Consarn it!”

The Bears quarterback, after struggling much of 2014, is at a career crossroads and his time in Chicago could be nearing its end, especially given how the new regime running the team, specifically head coach John Fox, don’t appear particularly sold on the veteran, although he was anointed the team’s starting quarterback heading into the 2015 season.

Cutler did acknowledge that the onus is on him to figure out a way to better understand his NFL neophyte teammates, even if it involves doing things that make little to no sense to him.

“You kind of have to get in their world a little bit and get to know them,” Cutler said. “If you’ve got to play a few video games with them while people watch them on the internet, that’s what you’ve got to do.”

And if those darn kids don’t know any better, stay off Old Man Cutler’s lawn … if they know what’s good for them.