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Colts’ unused medication exchange for DVD promotion is a tad … odd


So, the Indianapolis Colts offered up a tweet on Thursday in which the team announced a promotion where fans will receive a free team DVD in exchange for turning in unused or expired medication.

While on the surface it seems like a more than noble way to do a positive public service, the fact that Colts owner Jim Irsay had an ongoing addiction problem related to prescription drug abuse, something that came to light following his March 2014 arrest for DUI and drug possession in Carmel, Ind., during which “multiple prescription drugs were discovered in pill bottles” in his vehicle.

Irsay temporarily relinquished control of the Colts organization to enter rehab and later was suspended six games and fined $500,000 by the NFL as punishment for the incident.

It’s certainly admirable that Irsay (presumably) authorized the promotion, as it obviously brings that unfortunate incident back into the light. Perhaps by acknowledging — if that is indeed the case — his previous problems in such a manner Irsay hopes to do something positive to perhaps help prevent other people from traveling down that same tragic road.

Whatever the motivation, it certainly is an interesting development.

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