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Tony Romo threatens to punch Dez Bryant if he gets in another brawl

Tony Romo apparently warned Dez Bryant that the both of them would end up with broken hands should the fiery Dallas Cowboys wide receiver get in another training camp brawl and injure himself as a result.

Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones relayed the stern warning Romo purportedly issued to Bryant during an appearance earlier this week on Dallas’ KRLD-FM.

“He had a few good words too,” Jones says of Romo’s comments to Bryant following the brawl with cornerback Tyler Patmon last week. “He said, ‘Nothing good’s going to come from this. If you turn around and break your hand, then I’m going to end up breaking mine because I’m going to be so mad at you, I’m going to hit you. So no more of this hitting and no more swinging, let’s move on and get to work.'”

Jones, who also stated the brawl was a “good thing” in some ways, added that how Romo handled things with Bryant demonstrates that he is one of the NFL’s “best leaders.” The Cowboys executive also noted that Bryant listens to and respects Romo, echoing observations made in a report from ESPN’s Todd Archer that the two talented football players share a special bond both on and off the field.

It’s noted that Bryant didn’t appear to cool off until Romo confronted him. Despite the fact Bryant temporarily lost his composure during the brouhaha, Romo insists the wide receiver is a changed man.

“You’ve seen Dez as an older, more mature Dez,” Romo said. “He’s come a long way since he first stepped on the field here, and I think it’s exciting to see his growth as a player, as a person. He’s like a little brother to me.”

Romo obviously recognizes which side his bread is buttered on, as the saying goes, so it’s no surprise that he felt compelled to step in and help defuse the situation following the brouhaha. The fact that the two have developed such a rapport on the field and off it certainly fosters a level of trust between the two as well.

(image via The Dallas Morning News)