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Kubiak: Not building offense around Peyton Manning would be ‘stupid’


Much has been made about how the kind of offense favored by new Denver Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak might not necessarily be tailored to capitalize on Peyton Manning’s Hall of Fame-caliber skill set.

But to hear it from Kubiak, the Broncos would be foolish and making a critical error by not at least in part designing the team’s offense around Manning.

“Look, it’s not my offense, it’s our offense, the Denver Broncos offense and we wouldn’t be very smart — we’d be stupid — not to do the things we do best,” Kubiak said, via ESPN’s Jeff Legwold. “Peyton has been one of the greatest there’s ever been for a long time, we’re going to do things that fit him and get done the things we want to get done. That’s coaching, that’s our job.”

As noted in the report, the Broncos coaching staff has made some substantial changes to what Manning has done throughout his career, including being under center more frequently. He also will be asked to throw on the run more often.

Manning has insisted that he’s ready to run any offense Kubiak and the staff implements, expressing confidence he’s more than able to make the necessary adjustments this late in his career.

“I feel that I throw pretty well on the run, to tell you the truth,” Manning said. “I never had as many designed roll-outs or scrambles, but I’ve sprinted out through the years. … I actually think I throw pretty well on the run for a guy that doesn’t really run well. I actually throw well on the run, maybe even better than some guys that actually run well.”

In other words, when it comes to Manning, maybe it’s not so much teaching an old dog new tricks, but allowing him to showcase skills that have always been there, just never utilized.

Broncos boss John Elway recently suggested that the running game — in the manner Kubiak utilizes it — will be the veteran quarterback’s “best friend.” Manning’s openness to incorporating new concepts into his game certainly sets the Broncos up for success as well.