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RG3 on team’s expectations: ‘They are not asking me to be Superman’


Robert Griffin III is entering his fourth year in the NFL and his second season under the coaching staff headed by Jay Gruden. The Washington Redskins quarterback recently seemed to intimate that the team wants him to reign in his freewheeling style of play and play within the role tailored for him, one that best sets up the chances for long-term success.

“They are not asking me to be Superman,” he said.

And yet, when he expanded upon that comment, it arguably appeared he may not be completely on board just yet with that kind of philosophy.

“They are asking me to be basic and take the plays that are there. If that’s what Jay wants me to do, that’s what I am going to do,” RG3 said, via an MMQB report, adding that he still has to make plays outside the pocket. “But if they are asking me to do the ordinary, that’s what I am going to have to do.”

After setting the NFL on fire in his rookie season with an approach that not only appeared to revolutionize the quarterback position at the professional level but earned him Rookie of the Year honors, RG3 has been average at best, ineffective and erratic at worst, and experienced a controversy-filled and injury-marred 2014 campaign.

The onus is now on Griffin to show that not only can he dazzle while improvising with his legs, he can also play a more traditional brand of quarterbacking. If not, his future in D.C. is in serious jeopardy.

Griffin, who has reportedly been solid in training camp thus far, insists that he can’t allow uncertainty over his future cloud his focus on the field.

“If I take all that baggage with me out there on the field, I am not going to be the best player I can be,” he said. “… Being in this offense for the second year is really going to help. I know how to get us into the best position possible. I can’t worry about where I am going to be next year or where I am going to be 15 years from now. I just have to play.”

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