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Patriots website’s slideshow includes fans’ anti-Roger Goodell signs


In what arguably is nothing more than a seemingly innocuous aside — but an extremely amusing one at that — a slideshow posted on the official website of the New England Patriots in support of Tom Brady features a photograph or two of the team’s fans exhibiting clear anti-Roger Goodell rhetoric on signs held up during training camp.

The slideshow, entitled, “12 awesome public displays of affection for TB12,” includes 12 photographs of fans, like those above, displaying their undying loyalty to Tom Brady, specifically with signs that read “Free Brady,” “Tom Brady is the Best,” and other variations on the pro-Tommy Terrific theme.

There are a handful of signs, however, that not only defend Brady but castigate Commissioner Goodell for his role in administering and then upholding the Patriots quarterback’s four-game suspension, including one in which a fan is holding up a “Stop Goodell” sign. There is another photo in the slideshow that shows a fan in the crowd prominently displaying a “Free Brady Fire Goodell” sign.

Goodell obviously is Patriots Enemy No. 1 among the team’s fans. So much so, in fact, that the NFL expressed concerns over the commissioner’s safety in the wake of his Brady ruling, even asking the police in Scarborough, Maine, to keep an eye out for unhinged Patriots fans around his vacation home in the town.

Whatever the motivation of both those in charge of the Patriots website and the folks who put together the slideshow, it’s safe to say that the message intended is abundantly clear, even if the Patriots, from an organizational standpoint, could not publicly express or endorse such a clear and condemnatory statement of anti-Goodell sentiment.

[H/T Pro Football Talk, image via Dan Hausle/Twitter]