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Lolo Jones defends herself after being ‘attacked’ over Ronda Rousey ‘joke’


Lolo Jones again found herself in the middle of a controversy over the weekend as a result of her often provocative social media commentary, but attempted to defend herself by insisting she was merely joking.

Jones was run through the social media wringer after she tweeted her reaction to Ronda Rousey again dispatching of an opponent with relative ease, this time by putting an abrupt end to her bout Bethe Corriea in a mere 34 seconds on Saturday night at UFC 190.

“How much are these chicks paid to get knocked out in seconds? I can’t fight but I’ll prolong it and run circles for at least a minute,” Jones tweeted.

Many castigated Jones by inferring the Olympic star was making the argument that she could better hold her own against Rousey when compared to many of the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion’s opponents. Jones appears to suggest that she could make the fight last longer by avoiding Rousey, not engaging her, something her opponents don’t do.

Saying she felt “overwhelmed and frustrated” over being “attacked all the time,” presumably including the backlash she suffered over her Rousey comments, Jones vented in a Facebook post published Sunday night.

“If I make a joke to try to make people laugh, people attack me and say I do this for publicity,” Jones mused. “I had no clue that tweet would be RT’d like it was. Last night after I posted the tweet I felt really good bc I saw people were laughing and that brings me joy. Then I noticed it started taking a poor turn. I questioned God, how did me writing a joke to make people laugh turn into me becoming a punching bag for people?”

Jones also thanked SB Nation for publishing a post (that she linked to) in which the site defended her, writing, “I’m grateful that this article came out.” She then blamed the media due to its role in creating the firestorm by “wording articles to get bigger hits.”

Jones may have a valid argument about how things played out, but pointing fingers at others usually won’t help matters, even if she’s in part correct.