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Kurt Warner impressed by progress made by pupil Colin Kaepernick


In an effort to halt the so-called regression he made while slightly struggling last season, Colin Kaepernick worked for several weeks this offseason with former quarterbacking great and current NFL analyst Kurt Warner.

The Super Bowl-winning signal-caller paid a visit on Sunday to San Francisco 49ers training camp for his job with NFL Network and was left impressed by the progress his offseason pupil is making.

“You’re starting to see him begin to understand playing the quarterback position a little more,” said Warner, via a report from ESPN’s Paul Guttierrez.

“Talking to guys and the coaches out here, [it’s] the ability to throw with touch, the ability to anticipate things. And some of that comes with Kap, and some comes with the guys around you where you start to trust those guys.”

Kaepernick came under fire last season for having an off year, one which resulted in many to speculate that the quarterback had suffered a serious regression in skill and execution after storming out of the gates by leading the 49ers to three consecutive NFL Championship Games and one Super Bowl appearance. 49ers offensive coordinator Geep Chryst insisted last week reports of Kaepernick’s regression were greatly exaggerated and the team’s defense has been raving about his performance so far in camp.

When asked if he was attempting to incorporate lessons gleaned from working with two-time MVP Warner for six weeks, Kaepernick said that’s not how things technically work.

“No, once you’re on the field, you’re playing,” Kaepernick said. “You’re not worried about anything other than doing your job, to help your team.”

Still, Warner believes the work put in by the young Niners quarterback this offseason — the third straight year he’s engaged in an extreme offseason program — is paying dividends.

“The little snippets that I’ve seen out here and in talking to people, it seems like some of those [lessons] have been engaged,” Warner said. “But again, it’s all a process. He’s trying to build off where he was, which was already a really good quarterback, and become a great quarterback.”

(image via Sacramento Bee)