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Justin Upton joins Padres’ trolling ways, gives fake hugs to teammates (vid)


Justin Upton on Thursday elected to follow the lead of San Diego Padres interim manager Pat Murphy and continued to perpetuate the team’s apparent proclivity for trolling everyone in the buildup to the MLB trade deadline.

The outfielder, during San Diego’s 8-7 win over the New York Mets at Citi Field, engaged in a bout of fake “goodbye” hugs with his teammates in the dugout, providing the false impression that he had been traded.

“That was funny,” Upton told’s Joe Trezza after the game, per Cut4. “I told [Pat] Murphy before the game that I was going to come in and hug everybody at some point. He came in and hugged me first so I just carried it on out. That’s what happens when people like to tweet everything!”

Earlier this week, Murphy pulled both Upton and Matt Kemp in the middle of game and said afterward he did it simply to mess with the media by giving them “something to think about.” So it seems that the Padres are gleefully enjoying trolling anyone and everyone.

Upton, who hit a go-ahead three-run homer in the ninth inning between rain delays in Thursday’s win, of course has been at the center of trade rumors heading into Friday’s deadline.