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Tom Coughlin calls Jason Pierre-Paul situation a ‘fiasco’


New York Giants owner John Mara earlier this week referred to the bizarre incident and subsequent confusing aftermath of Jason Pierre-Paul suffering a horrific hand injury in a Fourth of July fireworks accident “very disappointing.” Now head coach Tom Coughlin has chimed in on the events of the past several weeks, calling the entire debacle — specifically Pierre-Paul’s refusal to meet with Giants staffers shortly after the injury — a “fiasco.”

SI’s “Monday Morning Quarterback” reports that Coughlin sent a text message to the defensive end the day after the injury. To date, Coughlin says he hasn’t heard back from Pierre-Paul.

“It was Sunday afternoon, the fifth. That afternoon,” Coughlin tells MMQB. “I think (GM) Jerry (Reese) was the first one to text me. I texted Jason right away. I just said, “How can I help you?” But I didn’t hear anything back, so. And really there has been very little information even to this point in time. Everybody in this building is concerned with him and his welfare.”

Despite Pierre-Paul’s insistence at being incommunicado with the team, Coughlin, when asked about not speaking with the defensive end, insists his number one concern is his player’s welfare and hopes he can provide some guidance and assistance.

“No. No. I want to help,” he said. “I want to be there for him. But he’s decided that he doesn’t want our help. He thinks that something will come of it. But, all I care about, all any of us care about, the whole organization, is the well-being of the kid.”

An ESPN report indicates that Pierre-Paul likely will not join the Giants at camp and instead will continue to rehab on his own in Florida. When asked about Pierre-Paul being a presumed no-show, Coughlin indicated he has no idea what the player’s plans are, echoing Mara’s suggestion that Pierre-Paul is receiving bad counsel.

“I don’t know. I don’t know what to expect anymore,” he said. “… The agent has a big part in that, and it should be that the player takes a stand, but he’s obviously going to take the advice of his agent.”

(image via Newsday)