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Jets fans flew ‘Cheaters’ banner at Pats practice ‘to troll the hell out of them’

The group of approximately 30 New York Jets fans behind a banner flying overhead at the New England Patriots’ training camp practice on Thursday apparently only paid $1,000 to pull off the stunt they explained was done primarily for one reason: To “troll the hell out of” the Patriots in the wake of the NFL upholding Tom Brady’s four-game suspension for his alleged role in the Deflategate scandal.

The plane which trailed the banner, “CHEATERS LOOK UP,” circled above the Patriots practice field outside Gillette Stadium for about an hour. The folks behind the epic display of trolling are the same bunch of disgruntled Jets fans behind the “Fire John Idzik” movement last season that also included the flying of sarcastic banners — among other publicity stunts — calling for the dismissal of the then-Jets GM, albeit those flybys occurred at Jets’ practices.

“We’re just a group of fans who’s sick and tired of Robert Kraft and Tom Brady looking into the camera and lying to everyone’s face [about Deflategate], and then all these Patriots fans believing them,” said Jay Koeppel, who took leadership of the effort. “So we decided to send them a little message.”

Koeppel told the New York Post that the group came up with the nefarious plot a couple of weeks ago, adding that the well-laid plans “worked out perfectly.”

He also indicated he has received praise on social media from fans of other teams for the antics of his merry band of Jets fan misfits, adding it was a pleasure to pull it all off.

“We’re all just enjoying the chance to troll the hell out of them,” Koeppel said. “I’m sure Brady saw it. There’s no way he could have missed it. We wanted their whole cheating organization and fans to see it, too.”

When asked if was concerned some irate Patriots fans may try returning the favor by pulling off a similar act of aerial trolling, Koeppel said he’d welcome it.

“We would love if they did that, actually,” he said. “That’s what a rivalry is all about.”

(image via the New York Post/AP)