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NFL reportedly concerned about Goodell’s safety in wake of Brady decision


New England Patriots fans are understandably upset with the NFL and Roger Goodell over the decision to uphold Tom Brady’s four-game suspension. It could even be argued, depending on one’s particular point of view regarding the events that have transpired in the wake of the Deflategate controversy, that they are justified in their collective ire of the league.

But reports indicating that the NFL is so concerned about the safety of the commissioner that the league has requested area police that patrol the neighborhood where Goodell lives to be on the lookout for unhinged Patriots fans speaks to the fact that some folks can take things way too far.

According to a report from the Portland Press Herald, the NFL contacted the police department in Scarborough, Maine — where Goodell owns a $6.5 million home — to ask for their assistance to ensure that the commissioner’s safety is ensured.

“They did reach out and let us know about the decision and that it might not be popular,” confirmed Scarborough Police Chief Robbie Moulton.

Saying that the department is “aware of the situation and will be patrolling the area certainly,” Moulton indicated he is not aware of any issues thus far, although the fact that the decision to uphold Brady’s suspension only came down on Tuesday means the potential for some kind of disturbance, whether it be protests or something more disturbing, isn’t out of the realm of possibility just yet.

The chief added that the department has been put on notice before after an unpopular ruling.

“In the past, when there have been unpopular decisions, there have been emails and things. I wouldn’t say it rose to the level of threats, but certainly expressing unhappiness,” he said.

Goodell obviously shouldn’t have to fear for the safety of either himself or his family due to the administration of his responsibilities as commissioner, no matter how controversial his actions are interpreted and subsequently reacted to by a small but potentially disruptive segment of deranged, disturbed and unbalanced fans.

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