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Giants owner calls Jason Pierre-Paul debacle ‘very disappointing’


It should go without saying that the New York Giants organization couldn’t have been too happy over not only how Jason Pierre-Paul suffered serious injury in a Fourth of July fireworks mishap but how he conducted himself in the incident’s immediate aftermath. There is now confirmation that even the Giants owner has been left unhappy over the entire debacle.

John Mara said it was “very disappointing to him’’ how Pierre-Paul refused to meet with team officials after they traveled to Florida to check on his condition shortly after suffering the horrible injuries to his right hand.

The fireworks accident resulted in the defensive end having his index finger amputated, all the way down to and including the knuckle. Pierre-Paul also suffered a fractured thumb and had to undergo skin grafts to treat the severe burns.

The timetable of Pierre-Paul’s return is unclear, although he is not expected to show up when the Giants report to training camp on Thursday. He is yet to sign his franchise tender of $14.8 million and the team has not yet pulled it, although it’s noted in the the Post’s report that the Giants still have that option but will wait to do so until after examining Pierre-Paul.

The owner did indicate, though, that he was in contact with Pierre-Paul shortly after the accident, as have other members of the Giants organization since then. He did add that he doesn’t “think JPP is receiving very good advice right now,” according to the New York Post’s Steve Serby.

Mara, despite his disappointment, insisted his biggest concern then and now is how Pierre-Paul is doing. He also mentioned how he “could not believe” that the Giants have lost two starters (left tackle Will Beatty) being the other before camp even opened.

“Well, the first thought and concern we all had was for JPP’s well-being. After that, I think I may have used some language that I wouldn’t like my grandchildren to hear me use,’’ Mara said of his initial reaction to the news. “… So it was more of a state of disbelief that I was in. I’ve been around a long time, seen a lot of things … but this one was a shock.’’