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Donald Trump throws his support behind Tom Brady


Donald Trump again stumped for Tom Brady during an interview on Tuesday night with CNN, ripping the NFL for its controversial decision to uphold its four-game suspension of the New England Patriots quarterback.

“I’m for Tom Brady,” Trump told Don Lemon during a telephone interview, via The Los Angeles Times. “I know him really well. I think [the NFL has] treated him very rough.”

He also called Brady “a terrific young man,” and suggested that the entire ordeal “should have been something that was solved in 24 hours.”

Trump previously backed Brady’s battle with the NFL shortly after the suspension originally was announced in May, taking to Twitter to support his “friend.”

“Tom Brady would have won if he was throwing a soccer ball,” Trump tweeted. “He is my friend and a total winner!”

But the Republican presidential candidate wasn’t finished, utilizing Brady’s suspension to take a pot shot at Hillary Clinton.

“They had no definitive proof against Tom Brady or the #patriots,” Trump opined on social media. “If Hillary doesn’t have to produce Emails, why should Tom? Very unfair!”

He then argued that the hatred of Brady and the Patriots stems from envy.

“People are so jealous of Tom Brady and the Patriots,” he wrote. “No court could convict based on the evidence.They can’t beat him on the field, so this!”

Trump obviously has been everywhere lately, often blazing a path of controversy along the way. But given that the billionaire presidential candidate has managed to force his way into the sports media news cycle certainly is surprising. Not only is he throwing his support behind Brady, he also has been involved with an evolving story involving Mark Cuban.

The Dallas Mavericks owner a few weeks back called Trump a “paper tiger” and suggested he may not even be a billionaire.

Cuban softened his stance quite a bit recently, writing on his Cyber Dust app that Trump is “probably the best thing to happen to politics in a long long time,” via Business Insider.

Trump clearly appreciated Cuban’s compliment, taking to Twitter to indicate that he is “rapidly becoming a [Dallas Mavericks] fan.”

(top image via The Los Angeles Times)