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Brandon Marshall on marijuana tweets: ‘I was just kidding around’

Brandon Marshall insists he was “just having fun” when he tweeted apprehension about potentially failing a drug test after purportedly smelling marijuana smoke in the air while attending a wedding in Jamaica.

“I was at my sister’s wedding and I was just thinking about it because you hear about these cases all the time,” Marshall said during an appearance at a charity event, via a report from Newsday’s Neil Best. “I was just kidding around. It was like everywhere we would walk. I walk into my room after the day is over and it was like, ‘You smell that?!’ Or you’ll just be on the bus and the driver smells like it. I was like oh, man, this is crazy.”

The New York Jets wide receiver’s supposed ganja smell-inspired weisenheiming involved a few tweets posted on Sunday, including one in which he directs his pot thoughts to the NFL’s official Twitter handle: “Dear @NFL there’s smoke everywhere in Jamaica. I’m a occasional drinker (wine) red to be exact, but I do not smoke. Please help!!!”

Shortly before that offering, he wrote in a tweet, “What ull doing? I’m in Jamaica at my sisters wedding and It smells like Denver over here!!! I better not fell my drug test.”

When asked on Tuesday by a follower if he got a contact high, Marshall replied, “I did not. I passed the test. I think?????”

Marshall has never run afoul of the NFL’s drug policies during his nine-year career, but did receive a three-game suspension in 2008 related to a drunk driving charge and domestic violence arrest. The suspension was later reduced to one game (and a fine totaling two game checks) upon appeal.

(image via the New York Post)