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Fan in Vikings jersey shows up at Packers shareholder meeting (photo)


Arguably risking life and limb — or at the very least some harsh words and steely glares, a man wearing a Minnesota Vikings jersey crashed the Green Bay Packers’ annual shareholders meeting at Lambeau Field, a risky endeavor given the acrimony that exists between fans of the border-battling, NFC North rivals.

Packers fans of course have the opportunity to be deemed “owners” of the team by way of purchasing stock, which in essence is worth less as it relates to control of the team than the paper its printed on. It cannot be sold or transferred in any manner, and in light of that Packers stock shares are nothing more than ceremonial at best.

That doesn’t prevent Packer Backers from getting whipped up into a frenzy each and every time the team puts up shares for sale. The team sold 268,000 shares in its most recent stock offer in 2012, netting a whopping $67 million in profits that helped fund a planned $143 million expansion of Lambeau Field. Let’s just hope most of those who participated in the last furious purchase of Packers stock didn’t receive a certificate that read “Green Boy Packers.” That would kinda stink.

It’s a clever way to make fans feel part of the team and it affords “investors” some fringe benefits, such as attending the annual shareholders meeting, which usually takes place right before the start of training camp.

As noted by the Star Tribune’s Michael Rand, the Packers boast 363,948 shareholders. Between 10,000 and 12,000 of them typically show up for these annual meetings, and as noted above, one interloper rocking Vikings gear — along with other one partner in crime — was spotted standing and taking in the proceedings, which were held at Lambeau on Tuesday.

Epic troll job, indeed.