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Boxer Cam Awesome kind of dubs himself the ‘Taylor Swift of Boxing’ (vid)


A boxer who goes by the name Cam Awesome certainly lived up to such an interesting moniker during a post-fight interview on Wednesday following his loss to Cuban pugilist Lenier Pero at the Pan-Am Games.

In a roundabout way that was as equally impressive as his “surname” — his real name is Lenroy Thomson — Awesome colorfully explained the loss — in particular what transpired during the second round by explaining that in a way, he’s the Taylor Swift of boxing … whatever in the heck that means.

Following a rather typical start to the interview, Awesome came up with this brilliant piece of oratory … awesomeness.

“Then, the second round came and I was like: ‘Oh, okay, I won that round as well. Cam, keep up the good work, you’re truly looking amazing,” he said, as transcribed by D.C. Sports Bog. “Some people say you’re the Taylor Swift of boxing.’ I’m not saying I’m the Taylor Swift of boxing, but I’m not not saying I’m the Taylor Swift of boxing.”

The only thing that would make that quote better is if he had “that James Dean daydream look in [his] eye” while delivering it.

While the entire Taylor Swift bit was impressive enough, Awesome wasn’t done.

“And then the third round came and I was like: ‘Oh, they could’ve gave him that round. He did work a little more on the third round,’” he said. “But after the fight, I was like, ‘Oh, Cam, freedom beat communism.’ And then they announced the other corner [had won the decision]. Uhhh, rojo, as they will say in Español, which is not ESPN Deportes. For the bilingual viewers, I feel they can appreciate that.”

One word. Awesome.

Let’s hope that as far as his disappointment goes regarding losing the bout, Awesome is able to “Shake it off. Shake it off.”