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Josh Reddick drills Ike Davis in face with … ranch dressing pie? (video)


Ike Davis played the role of hero during Wednesday night’s 4-3 Oakland A’s win over the Toronto Blue Jays, beating out an infield single in a pinch hit at-bat in the bottom of the 10th inning.

And for coming through in the clutch, Davis was on the receiving end of a time-honored baseball tradition: A celebratory pieing delivered during the post-game interview.

The “pies” that are squashed in a player’s face typically feature a plate or some other pie tin-like conveyance loaded with shaving cream, sometimes it’s even tasty whipped cream, although that’s not always the case. Players occasionally are forced to improvise, as illustrated by Josh Reddick’s antics as the man delivering Davis’ pieing.

The Athletics outfielder apparently went searching for some substance with which he could pie Davis, but couldn’t find the more traditional fare, so he loaded up a plate heaping with … ranch dressing?

Uh, gross. Then again, getting pied in the face with a plate of ranch dressing is probably a welcome alternative to hearing Reddick’s walk-up jam, “Careless Whisper,” being played every single home game (although Reddick is certainly soothed by the sultry sax solo in the classic George Michael ballad).

Reddick sent out a tweet directed to Coliseum’s official Twitter account following his pieing of Davis utilizing the unconventional ingredient to suggest the powers-that-be that they keep more appropriate items on hand.

“We are gonna need some more pie,” he tweeted. “Had to substitute with some ranch dressing tonight.”

As far as pieing ingredients go, though, it seems ranch dressing is preferable to shaving cream, which apparently stings the eyes quite severely.

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