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Phillies fan drilled in face by Cody Asche’s helicoptering bat (video)


A frightening scene that could have been far uglier played out in the first row of seats along the first baseline at Citizens Bank Park on Wednesday when Philadelphia Phillies third baseman Cody Asche lost grip of his bat on a foul-off, sending it dangerously helicoptering into the stands.

While many in the area began to react at the hurtling hunk of lumber, one Phillies fan tracking the foul ball was caught completely unaware and ill-prepared as the bat bounced off the dugout roof before caroming in the direction of her throat/neck/face area.

Scary stuff.

While the bat did make what appears to be a significant amount of contact, the woman was miraculously spared of suffering what likely could have been incredibly serious injury. She even managed to hold onto the bat. Talk about paying the price for a souvenir.

Crossing Broad’s Jim Adair notes in a post that the woman was spotted still in her seat later in the game. Talk about one gritty gamer.

[H/T Bob’s Blitz, video via Cork Gaines/Twitter]