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Illinois farm’s Chicago Blackhawks corn maze covers 33 acres (photo)


First a towering Stanley Cup replica made entirely out of chocolate weighing in at 100 pounds, now this?

Richardson Farm, a popular “adventure farm” located in Spring Grove, Ill., went all out in its efforts to create a corn maze worthy of the tremendous accomplishment by the Chicago Blackhawks as the local NHL club in June won its third Stanley Cup championship in six seasons.

The farm touts itself as havingĀ “the world’s largest and most intricate corn maze,” a boast difficult to dispute given how its new Blackhawks-themed corn maze spans an incredible 33 acres.

One of the farm’s proprietors explained to ABC 7 the process of how the design was changed over the Fourth of July weekend in order to properly honor the Blackhawks.

“So we called our maze designer out in Idaho and asked if he had time to create a new design,” said George Richardson. “Then we got permission from the Blackhawks to use their logo. The result is a bold design with the Blackhawks logo in the center and the Chicago skyline in the background, flanked by two hockey players and the word ‘Champions.'”

ABC 7 reports that the designer cut 11 miles of trails to make the change utilizing a GPS system, an explanation that barely explains the likely complexities involved in such a monumental undertaking.

This isn’t even the first time the Blackhawks have been honored for their Stanley Cup accomplishments by way of corn maze. An Indiana farm in 2013 celebrated the team’s championship that year with not one, but two mazes.

Corn mazes created to celebrate the accomplishments or pay tribute to a particular sports team or player is nothing new (see here). But the ginormous one created by Richardson Farm in tribute to the Blackhawks’ most recent Stanley Cup championship certainly raises the bar given its sheer size and incredible detail.

In other words, it’s nothing short of “a-maze-ing.” Or “a-maize-ing,” to put it in an even lazier, but cornier, perspective.

[H/T SB Nation, image courtesy of ABC 7]