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Spurs fan in China creates Boris Diaw portrait with 11,750 pushpins (pic)


In an amazing display of devotion to her beloved San Antonio Spurs, a fan in China created an incredibly detailed and impressive portrait of Boris Diaw with a whole bunch of pushpins … make that an apparent 11,750 pushpins.

The original photographs appeared on Chinese social networking site Hupu which Reddit’s r/NBA board picked up on.

The total amount of time needed to create such a nifty piece of pushpin art was a reported 20 days, something evidenced by the work-in-process photos of the piece.

boris-diaw-pushpins boris-diaw-pushpin-2 boris-diaw-pushpin-3

Incredible. Apparently, Tim Duncan and Tony Parker, among other big stars on the Spurs roster, don’t have faces that translate well to pushpin portraits … or something. Either that or this fan is a huge Diaw-ophile.

As points out in a detail that further illustrates this particular fan’s great love for the Spurs is the fact that the avatar on her Hupu page is an image of general manager R.C. Buford. That’s certainly … something.

While the pushpin portrait is indeed impressive, wouldn’t it have been far cooler had she done it on some ginormous Lite-Brite-like board? Talk about glowing in coolness.