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Kristaps Porzingis’ reply to Carmelo Anthony’s intro text: ‘Who’s this?’

Carmelo Anthony’s attempt at reaching out to Kristaps Porzingis after the team selected him fourth-overall in the first round of the 2015 NBA Draft couldn’t have gone more awkwardly, as evidenced in a profile of the 19-year-old from Latvia by Bleacher Report NBA senior writer Jared Zwerling.

Porzingis relayed the story as follows.

Upon receiving a text message that read “Congrats, welcome to the team” from a number he didn’t recognize, Porzingis responded, “Who’s this?” When a reply came back, it read, “This is Me7o,” a message that confirmed Anthony’s amusing insistence on substituting a “7” — his jersey number — for the “l” in his first name, something that perhaps could have led to even more confusion.

But it appears Porzingis figured out the “Me70” meant “Melo” and the two new teammates were on the same page from that point forward. Well, as much as possible in light of the initial reports from Stephen A. Smith, via Pro Basketball Talk, that Anthony was “livid” over the Knicks selecting Porzingis and felt “completely hoodwinked and betrayed by Phil Jackson.”

Between Anthony’s alleged unhappiness over the Porzingis pick — something he later denied while calling the incoming rookie a “steal” — and the text message confusion, the relationship between the two couldn’t have gotten off to a more inauspicious start.

Porzingis nevertheless insists Anthony has been great and that he looks forward to playing with his new teammate.

“Melo is a superstar, so he’ll be great for me,” he is quoted as saying in the B/R piece. “I’ll be open a lot of times just because he draws so much attention. And off the court, it will be great for me to be around him to see how he carries himself, and with the fans, how he dresses, how professional he is with the media and how hard he works in the gym. So it will be a great experience for me to learn from him.”

Sure, learning how to dress from Anthony, among other things, is fine, but let’s hope Porzingis stops short of taking advice from “Me7o” on coming up with clever, alpha-numeric-inspired monikers.

(photo via New York Post)