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Astros GM: Name of David Price’s dog could be ‘a sign of things to come’


Houston Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow made an interesting observation when he coyly hinted during a radio interview that the team may not only pursue David Price, but that the team may have an inside track on the superstar starting pitcher.

Reports indicate that the Detroit Tigers, after reading the writing on the wall, have decided to become sellers at the trade deadline, giving every indication that Price likely will be dealt. With the surprising Astros in need of starting pitching and armed with depth in the minor league system, there’s a strong possibility that Houston and Detroit could become trade partners, with the talented and heavily coveted Price being the central figure.

Luhnow, while joining the “In The Loop” program Tuesday on SportsRadio 610, suggested that the fact Price has a dog named Astro might provide cosmic evidence that he belongs in Houston.

“We’ve got some Vanderbilt guys in our system with (Tony) Kemp and (Conrad) Gregor,” Luhnow said, via a CBS Houston report. “I follow all the Vanderbilt chatter and I did know his dog’s name is Astro. Maybe that is a sign of things to come.”

Price did in fact attend Vanderbilt University and it is also true that his pooch’s name is Astro. The extent to which either of those factoids — especially the latter — will have any impact when it comes to getting Price in an Astros uniform probably is nonexistent. But it’s certainly amusing to think about and Luhnow deserves kudos just for hinting at it, even if his suggestion was made in a joking manner.

After all, who would have thought the Astros would even be in a position to make odd observations about acquiring top-end talent at this season’s trade deadline in the first place?

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