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Stanley Cup replica made out of chocolate weighs in at 100 pounds (pic)


A replica of the Stanley Cup made entirely out of chocolate weighing in at a whopping 100 pounds made its debut at the Chicago Blackhawks’ annual fan convention over the weekend and also made an appearance at a party hosted by team owner Rocky Wirtz.

Coming in at about six feet tall, the replica, created by a team of chefs at Chicago’s French Pastry School, is made of pure Cacao Barry couverture and later was painted in silver dust to better resemble the most coveted trophy in all of sport.

What makes the creation of the chocolate Cup by the French Pastry School, the third time the culinary academy has done so in order to celebrate each of the local NHL team’s Stanley Cup triumphs that have occurred in the past six seasons, so interesting is that it was already in production well before the Blackhawks eliminated the Tampa Bay Lightning in six games last month. Talk about tempting fate.

No word on what fate the life-sized replica of Lord Stanley’s Cup would have suffered had the Blackhawks come up short against the Lightning. It likely wouldn’t have ended up at Blackhawks Fan Convention, that’s for sure.

One question: Is a Stanley Cup replica constructed entirely out of chocolate better — or more accurately, more appetizing — than one created entirely out of meat, something that was done after the Blackhawks’ championship run in 2013? It’s a tough call.

[H/T Puck Daddy, top image courtesy of French Pastry School]