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Draymond Green on Kyrie Irving’s title comment: ‘We all got our ifs in life’


Draymond Green isn’t buying what Kyrie Irving is selling. Not one bit.

The Cleveland Cavaliers point guard suggested recently that if he and Kevin Love had been healthy, the outcome of the NBA Finals would have turned out far differently. Instead of the Golden State Warriors hoisting the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy, Irving insisted it would have been the Cavaliers organization basking in the afterglow of an NBA title as opposed to lamenting what could have been.

“Obviously we had a great thing in Cleveland, we dealt with everything together,” Irving said in part about the undermanned Cavaliers squad. “I felt like we would’ve definitely won an NBA championship if we had everyone healthy. But almost doesn’t count.”

When asked about Irving’s comment, Green scoffed at the notion in an amusing manner.

“Larry O’Brien resides in Oakland, California,” Green said, via Bay Area Sports Guy. “So, you know, if I was 6-foot-11, I think I could be like Anthony Davis. But I’m not. And I’m not like Anthony Davis. We all got our ifs in life. If this would’ve happened, I would be doing this. If that would’ve happened, I would be doing that. But if if was a fifth, we all would be drunk right now.”

While Irving’s assessment that the Cavaliers would have won the NBA title had he and Love been fully healthy is an arguable position, the fact remains they weren’t, meaning Green’s hilarious counterpoint is just as accurate. There are countless variables involved not only in which team ultimately realizes their coveted destiny by winning it all after a grueling postseason, but throughout the entire regular season, leaving some squads in better position heading into the playoffs than others, regardless of pedigree, talent or experience.

But the manner in which Green explained it is far more amusing and much more entertaining…

… and perhaps featuring a little bit more outright mockery, too.

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