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Jay Cutler riding the Teacups? Jay Cutler riding the Teacups (photo)


When it comes to being known as one of the moodier mopes and surlier curs in the National Football League, Jay Cutler’s reputation often precedes him. But the Chicago Bears quarterback is a father to two boys: Camden Jack, 2, and Jaxon Wyatt, 14 months, so it stands to reason that his softer side emerges when given time to get away from the pressures of the National Football League and spend time with his growing family.

Cavallari posted some photos to Instagram showing the family enjoying some time at Holiday World in Cutler’s hometown of Santa Claus, Ind., including one pic where Cutler is enjoying a spin on the Teacups ride with his two boys.

Yep, that certainly looks like a grin there. No “Smoking Jay Cutler” smirks in this family photograph.

Anyway, it appears that a grand time was had by one and all. And while Cutler may not look overly thrilled to be on the kiddie ride — as any parent knows, the Teacups aren’t the most thrilling experience at the average theme park — it also may just be the timing of the photograph.

All that in mind, Cutler probably was enjoying himself far more than he did when he played Mr. Mom on a solo weekend with the boys in January, when he informed Cavallari via text that “all hell has broken loose.”

After all, other photographs of Cutler show him looking far moodier … and much more surly. At least he won’t feel compelled to defend his wife for these photos, unlike when he recently had to clarify her unfavorable comments about Chicago that apparently were misinterpreted.

There was even better news for the Cutler-Cavallari clan on Thursday when the couple, after revealing they were expecting in May, announced that a baby girl was on the way. Cavallari posted a photograph on her app of the couple embracing while she held a pair of pink Converse shoes.


“Our new addition!” she wrote in the post. “The boys are so excited to have a little sister on the way!!!”

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