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Rob Gronkowski to host cruise on ‘Party Ship’ and you’re invited (video)


“The Summer of Gronk: 2015 Edition” will have come and gone soon enough with the arrival of two-a-days as NFL players wearily stumble to their team’s training camps, but Rob Gronkowski is already setting his sights on getting the 2016 version off to a ridiculously rowdy start.

It was announced in a press release last month that the New England Patriots tight end would be the party-hearty ringleader  — along with his family —  on a cruise aboard the the “first ever Gronk’s Party Ship” with a course set for the Bahamas with “2,500 of his most hyped up fans” tagging along for the frivolity.

Scheduled for Feb. 19-22, the plan is for Gronk and a gaggle of Gronk-o-philes to embark upon a three-day cruise from Miami to the Bahamas aboard the Norwegian Pearl for a “three-day blow-out bash.”

“Gronk is going to sea,” the good-time-having cut-up announced in the release. “And my brothers and I will be rocking the boat all the way from Miami to the Bahamas! Seriously, it’s going to be an unbelievable trip.”

Via the cruise’s official site:

It’s time to PARTY, it’s time to ROCK, but more importantly, it’s time to get GRONK’D! Rob Gronkowski and his family want you to grab your sunnies, your swimsuits, your babes and your bros for one hell of a shindig sailing down the coast. It’s time to go big or go home ’cause we’re throwing the 3-day party you’ve always dreamed of.

GRONK’D, indeed.

And if Gronk’s solemn oath that he’ll host a sea rager to end all sea ragers, a video was posted this week promoting what likely will be a booze-fueled, sun-splashed shindig of Dionysian proportions that even Caligula would feel was a tad bit over the top.

Sweet sassy molassey. And here we thought a ride on Gronk’s party bus would be out of control.

Pricing to secure the opportunity to be on the sea with the Gronkowskis is available on the official site. The cheapest way to gain access would be a “QUAD” room on the interior of the ship which runs for a reasonable $500. Big spenders can plunk down $3,500 for one of the owners suites (based on double occupancy). All rooms also include an added $225 surcharge for taxes and fees.

But let’s be honest, it will be well worth the price. If a person does go along for the ride and indeed gets “GRONK’D,” whatever they are able to recall from the cruise — which may not be much — will be some of their fondest memories of the year.