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Jordan Spieth recounts tale of landing a huge shark after hooking a tuna


Either Jordan Spieth recently recanted a whale of a fish tale or he enjoyed an incredibly unique experience during a recent fishing expedition while on a vacation in the Bahamas, where he was holidaying with his girlfriend (above) to recover and decompress after his triumph at the U.S. Open.

Spieth regaled the media ahead of the John Deere Classic this week with his confounding fishing experience that ultimately resulted in him reeling in a huge shark after hooking a tuna on the line. The tuna apparently was a challenge enough to initially land in its own right, but things took a challenging turn for the worse … or better, depending on one’s point of view.

“We hooked on a tuna, and I was hooked on a tuna for about 45 minutes to an hour,” Spieth said, as transcribed by Eye on Golf. “It was a big tuna, and then these little sharks were coming in trying to get a piece of it, and the captain was scaring them off banging on the boat and on the water, and all of a sudden it just rips back down again. I almost got pulled in. And it was so much heavier, and I was just like, wait, these fish must have seen the sharks and just tried to avoid them.”

All told, Spieth says the entire battle of wills, wits and brawn lasted over two hours.

“So I had the captain had to come in for about five minutes while a took a bathroom break, and I came back, took it back from him, so in total it was two and a half hours, and what surfaced was like a 12-foot long, 300-pound black tip shark that had eaten this tuna and then had hooked itself, so I guess I caught both in one because I got that shark.”

And if pals thought he was just going to let them steal any of his hard-fought glory, they were wrong.

“A couple of my friends were like, ‘I’ll take over.’ I’m like, you bet your ass you’re not taking over,” he said. “This is my fish. There’s no way you’re stepping on this. You’re going to lose it.”

Jeez, what can’t this kid do? Between winning the first half of a Grand Slam and this fish tale, the guy is on a remarkably impressive run. But seriously, photos or it didn’t happen.