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DeSean Jackson on how he can spend $5,000 at a club: ‘Alcohol’ (video)


DeSean Jackson’s reality show is off to a stupendous start with two weeks of compelling, behind the scenes looks at what the enigmatic Washington Redskins wide receiver’s life is like away from the football field.

Following a debut episode in which Jackson accused the Philadelphia Eagles of engaging in a “smear campaign” before unceremoniously releasing him last year in March, the  BET “docu-series” — entitled “DeSean Jackson: Home Team” — provides additional entertaining — albeit not as provocative nor controversial — fodder that pegs Jackson as one unique individual.

In one scene, Jackson is asked by his sister A’Dreea — who also serves as his assistant, a role in which she clearly takes seriously, as she acts as his fierce protector and loyal adviser in several instances — how he can possibly manage to blow $5,000 in one night at a club, the wide receiver’s response is brief, simple, understated and arguably profound in its accuracy.

While reviewing her brother’s credit card statement, A’Dreea asks, “What could you have possibly spent $5,000 on on one night in a club?”

After pausing a moment to contemplate the inquiry, Jackson replies, “Alcohol.”

Fair enough.

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