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Brett Favre denies ever feeling any animosity toward Aaron Rodgers


Despite all the evidence to the contrary that prompted endless conjecture and speculation at the time, Brett Favre reiterated his long-held stance and insisted again there was never any bad blood between himself and Aaron Rodgers when both were wearing Green Bay Packers jerseys, nor is there any residual hurt feelings or bitterness felt by at least him related to their perceptively dysfunctional relationship.

“Was there animosity toward Aaron Rodgers [in the summer of 2008]? No, there wasn’t,” Favre told ESPN Wisconsin. “I like Aaron. Aaron and I get along fine. I knew at some point he had to play. I knew he had tremendous potential. All those things have come true, and I don’t feel like, ‘Well, what about me?’

Favre went on to praise Rodgers, calling him “a tremendous player and a great leader.” He also lamented how “people try to create a wedge either with me and a player or me and the organization.”

The end of Favre’s career with the Packers coincided with the beginning of Rodgers’ stint as Wisconsin’s favorite signal-caller. In fact, Favre being dealt to the New York Jets — after several starts and stops featuring wishy-washy antics related to his never-arriving retirement date — was hastened by the Packers’ desire to move on from the Ol’ Gunslinger era and start a new one with the young and hungry Rodgers.

Rodgers sat on the bench behind Favre for three seasons, perhaps gleaning quarterbacking knowledge from the master by osmosis only, as reports and rumors at the time suggested the grizzled veteran wasn’t very keen on the concept of mentoring his young protege, nor was he particularly happy that the team selected his heir apparent in the first place. Favre believed he had plenty left in the tank, something that arguably was confirmed by his brilliant season with the Minnesota Vikings one year after his so-so stint with the Jets.

Still, it now appears that the two have moved on beyond any purported rift. Rodgers in fact proclaimed he was “on the forefront” of getting Favre back in the fold, leading to his upcoming jersey retirement and “Welcome Back” ceremony/celebration during a game at Lambeau Field against the Chicago Bears on Thanksgiving night.

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