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Roy Halladay snaps selfie while getting a speeding ticket (photo)


Former MLB pitching great Roy Halladay clearly took the news that he was about to get a speeding ticket in stride, as evidenced by the selfie he snapped of himself grinning after he was pulled over by a police officer while out and about on Thursday.

Halladay did lament in his tweet, though, that the speeding ticket for going 58 mph in a 45-mph zone marred his otherwise “perfect driving record.” He also posted evidence of the ticket in question.

Halladay is no stranger to social media chicanery, as he once snapped a photo of himself with an oblivious Phillies fan wearing a jersey shirt bearing his name.

Good stuff. Halladay felt much better about the former social media pic he snapped on the sly as opposed to the latter. Obviously.

[H/T Crossing Broad]