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Brewers bullpen catcher eats 23 cheesesteaks in four-day Philly visit (pics)


The Philadelphia Phillies started a tradition at some point setting forth a challenge to other MLB teams in which the visitors are confronted with the gastrointestinal task of seeing how many cheesesteaks they can eat at Citizens Bank Park while in town.

Whether it is over the period of one day, the duration of the series, whatever, the competition has evolved into serious business with visiting ballplayers eager to show off their gluttonous talents.

Last season, the Mets set the single-day record — everything is recorded, documented and confirmed by the Phillies clubhouse staff — by eating a whopping 103 cheesesteaks over a 10-hour period. Goodness gracious.

Here’s how the competition is set up, per an April 2014 report from the Star-Ledger:

The cheesesteak eating competition is not without rules and calls for prior planning. To viably set a record, cheesesteaks can only be eaten after getting to the ballpark until batting practice, from the end of batting practice until the game begins, and for an hour window after the game has concluded. There are moratoriums during batting practice and the game, likely, so that players and coaches can proceed with their day jobs.

A new cheesesteak king has assumed the throne and his feats of intestinal fortitude set the bar high for any future challengers. Milwaukee Brewers bullpen catcher Marcus Hanel somehow ate an inexplicable 23 cheesesteaks during the team’s recent four-game series with the Phillies at Citizens Bank Park.

After three days of over-stuffing himself on Philadelphia’s trademark sandwich, Hanel stood at 18 cheesesteaks, breaking the three-day record held by New York Mets bullpen catcher Eric Langell and tying the four-day record by Miami Marlins pitcher Mat Latos with an entire day of eating ahead of him.

Some photos from the beginnings of Hansel’s four-day journey through gastronomic insanity.

Well, the math is simple: Hanel consumed another five cheesteaks on Thursday, easily surpassing — relatively speaking — Latos’ record.

After his tremendous accomplishment, Hanel took to Twitter to thank the clubhouse staff for their assistance…

…as well as their role in raising his cholesterol count to critically unsafe levels while getting him that much closer to his first angioplasty. Maybe he asked him if they had a spare crate of Rolaids sitting somewhere in the back as well. Goodness knows he probably needed it.

And how does one celebrate such a remarkable accomplishment, you ask? Simple. With a Popsicle, of course!

[H/T Big League Stew, top image via Brewers/Twitter]