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Dwyane Wade celebrates $20M Heat deal with tea, painted toenails (pic)


No one knew what the future held for Dwyane Wade when he earlier this week exercised his player option with the Miami Heat, passing up a $16.1 million salary for next season. Some suspected that his time with the only NBA team he has ever played for in his 12-year, Hall of Fame-caliber career, but reports indicated later in the week that the Heat and D-Wade were working toward a resolution that would keep him in South Beach for the foreseeable future.

And those rumors proved accurate when news broke Thursday that Wade and the Heat had come to terms on a one-year, $20 million deal. And while the deal did not provide the long-term security Wade reportedly was seeking, he nevertheless received a hefty raise and he can always give free agency another go-round after next season, should his body and will to keep playing hold up.

But all that is talk for some time in the future. Wade, instead of lamenting what was not to be, instead chose to celebrate his good fortune, and did so in an elegant and stately manner befitting a 33-year-old who understands that excessive flash and unhinged partying is vastly overrated.

Wade, who is vacationing with his wife in the Bahamas along with LeBron James and his better half, instead opted to take a low-key approach to the good news.

In a photo posted to Instagram by wife Gabrielle Union, Wade is shown soaking it all in while sunning himself by the sea …  while sipping on a spot of tea … all while rocking some flashy painted toenails.


“Cool as the other side of the pillow,” Union writes. Indeed.

There are countless ways to celebrate a momentous professional moment surrounding a monumental payday. But when you’re a millionaire basketball player, like Wade, a sage and savvy veteran who has been around the block once or twice, the notion of going all out, whooping it up and popping bottles and hooting and hollering and whatnot seems like a lot more work than it’s worth.

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