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Caroline Wozniacki gets downright surly during Wimbledon presser

One would think Caroline Wozniacki would be in a cheerier mood following her 6-1, 7-6 (6) victory over Denisa Allertova in the second round at Wimbledon, but the 24-year-old Danish superstar definitely was not her usual affable and friendly herself after the match. In fact, she got downright surly with the media — or at least a particular line of questioning — during a press conference following the win.

Courtesy of the relatively easy win, Wozniacki is slated to take on Camila Giorgi in the third round. It’s often the case that the media will ask questions related to a player’s upcoming opponent, but Wozniacki was having none of it, practically expressing disgust at suffering the indignity of having Giorgi’s name mentioned, let alone having to endure the prospect of having to discuss her again after having to answer questions about her earlier during the presser.

As transcribed by USA TODAY:

“Are we in Camila’s press conference or are we in mine?” Wozniacki retorted. “I’m starting to not know exactly. You can ask her.”

“You’re going to play her,” the journalist replied.

“I really don’t know what’s going on inside of her head. I’m sorry. I know what’s going on inside of my head. That’s all I can answer.”

Journalist: “I was asking you.”

“Next question. Jesus.”

Good grief. It’s almost as if the reporter was asking her about her failed relationship with Rory McIlroy. And given she handled an endless litany of questions regarding her heavily publicized and arguably embarrassing breakup with the golf superstar with dignity and grace, her conduct during this recent interview is made even more curious.