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Robert Griffin III speaks at United Nations to advocate for protecting oceans


Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III was among the many celebrities, including Samuel L. Jackson, to address the United Nations general assembly on Tuesday to advocate for the protection of the Earth’s oceans. RG3 spoke to how humanity’s actions are destroying the oceans, specifically the use of plastic bottles, although that’s not the only problem plaguing them.

“It’s incredible how many plastic water bottles we use a year, sometimes even in a day,” Griffin III told Tuesday. “I’ve already started eliminating it from my daily routine. Plastic is everywhere. It doesn’t dissolve and it’s always there and that’s part of the problem.”

Griffin was approached by the Parley foundation and invited to speak to its central mission to address the “major threats towards our oceans, the most important ecosystem of our planet,” as it is set forth on the organization’s website.

“To have an opportunity to go to the U.N and speak to some of the delegates — it was really cool,” RG3 said. “Not everybody gets that experience. Anytime you can help [on] that platform, to speak on a positive matter, to help our future generation experience the same pleasantries we get to, that’s something you definitely jump at.”

When asked what the oceans mean personally to him, Griffin III said, “I just said that literally, it’s something so much bigger than me as an individual … metaphorically speaking, it’s bigger than me because we rely on the ocean. That — people don’t understand. Once they obtain that knowledge, they can truly understand what we’re doing to it and why it’s important that we don’t destroy it.”

RG3 also addressed how even the smallest of efforts can go a long way to making a difference.

“If we can set up some things going to the beach — if we pick up the trash and the plastic that gets washed on shore — I think that’s something that can go a long way,” he said. “Once the consumers demand there be a change, then there will be.”

While RG3’s professional football career may be at a crossroads heading into next season, his advocacy for the environment arguably is something many of his harshest critics can endorse, so long as they share similar views on these kind of issues.