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Lineup card from A-Rod’s 3,000th hit game selling for big money at auction


Since anything related, no matter how tangentially, to a significant event in sports — especially when it relates to a player or team reaching a significant milestone — can cause the most obsessive memorabilia collectors to get worked up into a frenzy, perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising that a lineup card from the game in which Alex Rodriguez got his 3,000th career hit is drawing some interest at auction. But to spend over $800 on such an item? That’s amazing.

The lineup card, available at the MLB Auctions site, has a current top bid of $810 as of Tuesday afternoon. It comes from the Detroit Tigers-New York Yankees tilt on June 19, the game in which A-Rod deposited a home run off a pitch in the first inning off Justin Verlander into the right-centerfield seats at Yankee Stadium. Rodriguez became the 29th player in MLB history to reach the 3,000-hit milestone and only the third player to accomplish the feat with a homer, joining former teammate Derek Jeter and Wade Boggs.

The lineup card is posted on the Tigers’ MLB Auctions page, so it presumably is the one submitted by Detroit skipper Brad Ausmus, as it appears to be his signature on the bottom of the card. With that in mind, one is left to wonder how much the Yankees lineup card from Joe Girardi would fetch.

Even more, at least the Tigers aren’t holding the lineup card for relative ransom from the Yankees, like the “professional ballhawk” is doing with the coveted home run ball, who said last week that he does “not plan on giving it back to Alex Rodriguez.”

In any event, there is no question that the lineup card is an interesting piece of memorabilia from an important moment in MLB history. But over 800 bucks? That’s arguably a bit steep. Unless it isn’t. Given that only 14 bids have been made since the auction opened on Monday, the right conclusion may be the former and not the latter.

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