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Patrick Kane spotted wasting away again (again) in Margaritaville (video)


Patrick Kane must be a huge Jimmy Buffett fan or the events of the weekend were an example of one heckuva coincidence, as the Chicago Blackhawks superstar again ended up at a concert of the good-time-having crooner with Lord Stanley’s Cup in tow.

The celebratory atmosphere played out during a show on Saturday at Chicago’s Tinley Park. Video from the concert includes Kane “singing” along with Buffett on the tune, “Volcano.”

This marked the third (!) time Kane has been spotted soaking up the island vibes at a Buffett concert, as he did the exact same thing when the Blackhawks won the Cup in 2010 and 2013 (his first appearance is chronicled here).

Photos of Kane hanging with Buffett backstage show how the dynamic duo poured some of the singer’s Landshark beer into the Cup.

The prevailing question to arise from the above photos is whether Kane rocking a bun or wearing a Parrot on his head is the more awkward spectacle. It might be a toss-up, actually.

In reality, the notion of Kaner being a big-time Buffett fan really isn’t all that surprising. The “Parrothead” lifestyle must be very appealing to a person with Kane’s laid-back personality and devil-may-care attitude.

Also: Kane appears to be something of a party maniac, which fits in quite well with the Buffett-ian philosophy. The fact that he once rocked a unicorn head during a bout of post-championship debauchery fits the bill, too. More or less.

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