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J.J. Watt tackling stage crasher at Zac Brown Band show staged, but great (video)


The Zac Brown Band performed in concert at Summerfest in Milwaukee, Wisc., on Sunday and Houston Texans star — and Wisconsin native — J.J. Watt was not only at the concert but apparently was among the security staff charged with protecting the musicians.

In an incident that obviously was staged — or at least sure seems like it — Watt comes storming from backstage and completely levels a fan who sneaked up on stage. No word if Watt also assumed the role of pseudo-roadie for the band as well.

Watt posted evidence of his audition for a remake of a bromance version of “The Bodyguard” to Twitter on Sunday.

Shocking brutality. You know, if it were a real. The lack of authenticity, though, doesn’t really take away from the entertainment value of the video. At the same time, staged or not, being tackled by J.J. Watt with such ferocity can’t feel great, so kudos to this arguably witting participant in the ruse for taking one for the team … or in this case, playing the role of pummeled victim solely for the amusement of a bunch of concertgoers.

Watt and the musicians struck up a friendship a few months back when they hung out at the DirecTV Super Fan Fest at Super Bowl XLIX.

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