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Buck Showalter gnome gets pied on souvenir’s giveaway night (pics/vid)


The Baltimore Orioles endured a doubleheader on Sunday and following the team’s sweep of the Cleveland Indians in the day’s baseball action, a Buck Showalter gnome — which just so happened to be the promotional giveaway item for the second game — received a pieing as part of the celebratory revelry.

Orioles outfielder played the role of hero during the back-end of the doubleheader, homering and making an outstanding catch in the 8-0 victory, so he was the logical choice for the team’s traditional post-game pieing, which has featured real pies since last season. The gnome created in honor of the team’s skipper was involved in the post-game high-fives and later was victimized by a pieing, suffering pastry-based collateral damage, with Adam Jones playing the role of pie-wielding provocateur.

The Orioles were clearly having fun with the pint-sized version of their manager, as evidenced by all the tweets documenting the in-game tomfoolery involving the gnome.

Showalter actually wasn’t too keen on being the subject of the ballpark getaway, which was rescheduled from June 27 due to a rainout.

“What is the purpose?” he said on Tuesday about the upcoming promotion, via D.C. Sports Bog. “Do people get up in the morning and they go, ‘Honey, are we going to the game today? …They’ve got that gnome tonight. Pack up the kids. We’re going?’”…Really?!”

Showalter did, however, soften his anti-gnome stance quite a bit, acknowledging after the game the entire bit was actually a bit flattering.

“All kidding aside, it is an honor,” he said. “I get it, if that’s the right word. I’ll be glad when the sun comes up tomorrow and we move on to another promotion.”

It makes sense that Showalter lightened up. After all, how can a person remain upset over something created in their honor that is so darn adorable?

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