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Taylor Swift reportedly in talks to headline Super Bowl 50 halftime show


Taylor Swift is unquestionably one of the pop music world’s biggest stars, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the NFL has set its sights on landing her as the featured halftime performer at Super Bowl 50, according to a Radar Online report.

Making the possibility of Swift making her appearance on one of the biggest stages in pop culture is that it would follow the generally well reviewed performance by Katy Perry at Super Bowl XLIX. Rumors persist that the two are not fond of one another and apparently are their rivalry goes beyond their competition on the pop charts.

“Her main holdup is performing the year after Katy Perry did it, but she also feels it’s the right way to close out the ‘1989’ chapter of her career,” a Swift source told the gossip site.

Be that as it may, the source allegedly added that the NFL approached the pop star about the opportunity, and that talks must have been somewhat productive, as the gig apparently is “hers to refuse.” The source added that Swift is all-in as well and that “her team is working out the final details.”

The report goes on to state that talks have progressed to such a point that the 25-year-old Swift already has selected who she wants as director of the typically over-the-top, often-overwrought exercise in excessively grandiose musical performance extravaganzas. But at least one hurdle remains, and as is often the case, it apparently will ultimately revolve around the almighty dollar.

“She’s just waiting on financials from the NFL before signing on the dotted line,” the source reports.

That certainly doesn’t seem to be Swift’s “Style,” but there you go. Or maybe it does. Lazy references to song titles are simply too easy to pass up at times. At least “Shake It Off” wasn’t employed as pseudo-amusing device. Talk about low-hanging fruit.

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